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Secure Dry Storage in Long Key, FL

Sea Bird Marina is located near Layton, Florida. We have long and short-term dry storage. You can store your boat trailer in our secure lot.

Secure Dry Storage, Long Key, FL

Dry Storage

We have a secure dry storage lot on property. We offer storage for boats on trailers, empty boat trailers and Rv storage. We're also capable of handling sailboats with the mast up for trailer sailors. Your boats, trailers, and vehicles are always secure at the marina with our 24 hour security surveillance systems.

Reliable Dry Storage for Your Boat or RV 


When you are ready to store your boat, boat trailer, or RV, look no further than our reliable dry storage in Long Key, FL. At Sea Bird Marina, we provide a secure facility for storage so you can have peace of mind. We’ll take care of your property so you can enjoy yourself.

There are some advantages to using our facility other than just peace of mind. Some of the benefits you can rely on include:

Convenience – Keeping your boat in storage at our facility means you don’t have to tow it to and from a ramp.

Less Maintenance and Deterioration – Storing your boat or trailer at our facility protects them from harsh weather. Alternatively, you will ensure the value of your boat remains higher for a more extended period.

Overall Costs of Ownership Reduced – You will be able to eliminate annual antifouling because the hull has not been exposed to conditions that cause corrosion and growth.

Security Guarantee – Theft or damage to your boat because almost impossible because we have 24/7 monitoring available.

Better for the Environment – Fewer boats in the water mean reduced chances of fuel, oil, and sewage leaks.

Best Location in the Keys

Our dry storage facility is strategically located near the Channel Five Bridge, which is one of the few that permits boats easy access to both the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay. It’s also a dream come true if you’re an avid fisherman with fresh and saltwater fishing available close by. You can even try your luck at catching a Tarpon or shark. Whether you are a tourist or a local looking for a secure location for your boat, trailer, or RV, we can help.

Contact our secure dry storage facility for all your trailer, boat, and RV needs. We proudly serve Long Key, FL, and the surrounding area.

Short & Long term Stays

We rent dry storage by the day, week, month, or year. Some space is always saved for transient boaters and weekend guests who need safe parking for their vehicles and trailers.


Security is monitored 24/7 with cameras, alarms, and lights. In addition, security personnel walk the property regularly to ensure the safety of your property.

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