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The Florida Keys are stunning, and while it’s enough just to sit in the sands and soak up the sun, you’re better off making the most of things. With our Florida Keys bait shop, you can set sail and get your catch of the day. Sea Bird Marina is more than just a spot to dock; we have a fully stocked bait and tackle shop – in addition to lodging, and fuel! Come purchase your live shrimp, pin fish, and crabs. Or grab the items you forgot to pack, like drinks, ice, and tackle. Our Florida Keys shore fishing tackle and bait shop has everything you need to bring home a prized catch.

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Located In the Middle of All the Best Fishing & Dive Sites

The Florida Keys has a lot to offer, but some spots represent more prime real estate than others. Sea Bird Marina’s Florida Keys bait and tackle shop is located at mile marker 69.5 on Long Key, situated perfectly between Islamorada and Marathon. This puts us smack dab in the middle of the best fishing spots the Keys have to offer: Springer Bank, The Twin Markers, Tripod Banks, Bamboo Banks, Channel 2 and Channel 5 bridges, Tennessee Reef, Islamorada Hump, and 409 Hump. If you are looking for fishing tackle in the Florida Keys and don’t want to stray far from the best spots, Sea Bird Marina is here for you.

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Live Shrimp, Pinfish, and Crabs

Your Trusted Bait & Tackle Shop in Florida Keys

Sea Bird Marina is your bait shop in Long Key, FL. We stock all the best bait for the fish swimming in the waters of the Keys. We have a wide selection of live bait, including shrimp, crabs, and pin fish, all too perfect for your dream catch to resist. On top of this, we have a large selection of frozen bait, including chum and ballyhoo.

And we aren’t just about the bait; we’re your tackle shop in Long Key, FL, too. Hooks, lures, buckets, poles, nets, dive flags – you name it, we sell it. So stop on by to talk to use about what species of fish are catching at the moment and let us create a bait and tackle package tailored to your goals.

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