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As a family-owned and operated business, we have been in business for three generations. We are driven by our love of fishing, snorkeling, and boating, and we truly believe there’s no better place in the world than the Florida Keys. Our family knows all about fishing in the Florida Keys, and we are excited to share that knowledge and experience with you. Some of the best fishing spots in the Florida Keys are around Long Key. You can check out Springer Bank, The Twin Markets, Tripod Banks, Tennessee Reef, Islamorada, and many other local spots. Find us at Mile Marker 69.5, off Overseas Highway, and say hi!

We’re proud to say that we have some of the most friendly and helpful staff in the Florida Keys. Our staff will help you get the right boat and equipment you need for a successful fishing trip. At Sea Bird Marina, we have fishing boats ranging from 19 to 25 ft. Our boats fit up to 6 people and come equipped with all the necessary safety equipment. Bringing your boat? We provide boat trailer parking for trailers of any size, dry storage for trailers, and wet slips.
You can even stay at the marina at one of our vacation rentals! Our website makes it easy to book your rental online. Click below to see our available rentals and book online!

Florida Keys Boat Rental
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Florida Keys Fishing Boat Rental

Fishing boats dot the Florida Keys, which is one of the most famous fishing spots in the world. There is nowhere in the world quite like the Florida Keys, with clear blue waters and magnificent sunsets. But while the beautiful scenery is undoubtedly one of the main draws to the Florida Keys, the fishing draws many people to the area.

Whether you’re a passionate fisherman or just looking to get out on the water, a Florida Keys fishing boat rental is a great way to experience the unique ecology of the area.  Many people rent boats to go snorkeling at Alligator Light and other snorkeling spots while others enjoy boating to sandbar. At Sea Bird Marina, you can stop by the bait & tackle shop and pick up any fishing supplies you may need for your trip.
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FAQs About Boating in the Florida Keys

No, however, you must be at least 30 years of age. If you are under the age of 30, you cannot rent a boat in the state of Florida.

Boat rental requirements are different than personal watercraft rentals. To rent personal watercraft, like jet skis, if you were born after January 1st, 1988, you will need either a temporary boating certificate from a vendor, or you will need to complete an approved boating safety course and get a Boating Safety Education Identification Card. This is regulated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Recreational boaters do not need a boating license in Florida. The only requirement is that you be at least 30 years old, which is required by the state of Florida.  We are strict about having boating experience to rent one of our boats.

To rent a boat in Florida, you simply need to meet the age requirement, and we also are strict about having boating experience. You will also need all the necessary safety equipment on board, which can be found here on the FWC website. Our rental boats have the required safety equipment on board.

Florida keys boat rental cost will vary depending on the boat you choose. We have boats ranging from 19 to 23 feet.  The cost will include the boat rental, tax fuel and cleaning.  We also provide all required safety equipment aboard all vessels.

Best Boat REntals in the Florida Keys

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